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Malaysia Student Overseas Study Abroad Travel Insurance

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Student Overseas Travel

Stay protected while studying overseas until you graduate

Complete protection for students studying overseas, with special features that make it one of the leading student travel products in Malaysia.


Malaysia Student Assist is an insurance plan that protects and gives you peace of mind to pursue your educational aspirations when you go overseas to study at a recognized education institution.


It’s Reassuring To Know We Are There Congratulations on embarking on your studies overseas! As you explore the exciting world of education abroad, it’s the beginning of many hopes, dreams and aspirations that will be fulfilled.

Just before you set off on your journey of experience and opportunities, have you ensured that you are well protected should the unexpected affect your long-term plans?

You may worry about your studies being interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.

Perhaps you fancy trying out some amateur sports and leisure activities while you’re away. And since you’re overseas, why not travel and see the world during your vacation?

Even when you’re back in your home country for the holidays, wouldn’t you like to enjoy it peacefully?

Don’t wait. Make the important decision to enjoy complete peace of mind during your studies abroad.

Choose to be reassured.


Malaysia Student Assist Benefits

Tuition Fee reimbursement for study interruption

We’ll reimburse you for the non-refundable portion of your tuition fees paid in advance, in the event of study interruption due for specific reasons.

Medical & personal accident cover

You’ll be reimbursed for medical expenses incurred due to accidental injury or illness sustained when studying overseas.

Sponsor Protection

We provide you financial security in the event of accidental death of your sponsor (the individual who sponsors your study overseas).

Our own global assistance service

A fast and efficient 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team is available to assist you in the event of injury following an accident or if you are ill and require hospital attention abroad.



1.Medical & Accidental Dental Expenses You will be reimbursed for medical and dental expenses incurred which are medically necessary due to accidental injury or illness sustained during your duration of cover.

For the avoidance of doubt, dental expenses shall only be reimbursed for conditions caused by accident only.

2.Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation of Mortal Remains In the event that you suffer from an illness/accident which in the opinion of Travel Guard, necessitates your emergency medical evacuation to Malaysia, Travel Guard will arrange for your evacuation and pay for reasonable expenses incurred.

In the unfortunate event of your death during your studies overseas, this plan will arrange and pay for all reasonable covered expenses incurred to return your remains to Malaysia.

3.Compassionate Visit

a) If you are hospitalized for 5 or more consecutive days and your medical condition does not allow your medical evacuation and no other adult member of your immediate family is present, this plan provides a round trip economy class air ticket, meals, communication and accommodation expenses to allow one of your immediate family members to travel to the country where you are to be with you.

b) It covers your trip back to Malaysia in the event that your parent, spouse or child in Malaysia suffers death or is hospitalized for more than 5 consecutive days.

4.Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement We provide worldwide coverage against accidental death or permanent disablement during your duration of coverage, or on vacation anywhere in the world including Malaysia up to 60 days as long as the policy is still in force.

5.Felonious Assault You will be covered in the event you suffer injury resulting in permanent total disablement or death due to robbery, attempted robbery or criminal act of violence. This is paid in addition to the accidental death and disablement coverage benefits.

6.Sponsor Protection Provides financial security to you in the event of accidental death of the individual who sponsors your study overseas (such sponsor must be your parents and/or guardians and must be named in the proposal form and certificate of insurance).

7.Study Interruption The plan will reimburse you for the non refundable tuition fee which you paid in advance, should any of the following events take place:- • Accident or sickness leading to your hospitalization for 14 days or more • Terminal illness • Emergency medical evacuation • Death of one of your immediate family members

8.Travel Delay A cash allowance will be paid if your scheduled common carrier is delayed for more than 6 consecutive hours.

9.Baggage Damage During Air Common Carrier Travel A cash allowance will be paid if your accompanying check-in baggage in an air common carrier is damaged to the extent that is no longer useable up to the amount specified in the Schedule of Benefits.

10.Damage or Loss of Personal Effects In the event of accidental loss or damage to your personal effects due to robbery, burglary, snatch theft or negligence of the common carrier, you will be indemnified for loss or damaged sustained up to the amount stated in the Schedule of Benefits.

11.Loss of Travel Documents A cash allowance will be paid in the event you lose your passport/visa due to burglary, robbery or snatch theft, for the replacement of your passport/visa, additional transport, meals, communication and accommodation expenses as a result of the loss.

12.Loss of Money Pays for loss of money due to burglary, robbery or snatch theft during your duration of coverage up to the amount specified in the Schedule of Benefits.

13.Personal Liability Covers you against your legal liability for bodily injury or property damages caused to a third party.

14.24 Hours Worldwide Travel Assistance Travel Guard shall provide the following services for the benefit of the Insured Person. These services are provided by multilingual travel assistance coordinators via telephone and such assistance provided shall not include the costs incurred to solicit these services.

A.Emergency Assistance Services

a) Medical reference

b) Advance payment of Medical Expenses

c) Emergency Medical Evacuation

d) Repatriation of Mortal Remains

B.Technical Services

a) L ost/stolen baggage and personal effects

b) Recover, locate and replacement of travel documents

c) L egal Referral

C.Pre-Trip General Services

a) Advice on procuring Travel documentation

b) Advice on immunizations, epidemics and available preventive measures

c) Information on Political/Environment warning

d) Information on currency exchange rate, location of major banks and public holidays

e) Information on weather condition The above stated travel assistance services shall be provided by Travel Guard and the Company shall use its best endeavours to ensure that Travel Guard shall use every effort to provide the services save and except for circumstances beyond its control.

What is this product about?

This policy provides compensation for students studying overseas in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by violent, accidental, external and visible events, emergency evacuation and repatriation, travel inconvenience benefits, study interruption due to unforeseen circumstances arising such as death of parent or guardian who is financing your study.

You will have immediate access to 24-hour worldwide assistance in case of an emergency situation when you are abroad.

This cover can be purchased by a student who will be studying overseas at a registered and accredited educational institution for higher learning.

What are the covers/benefits provided?

Please refer to the schedule of benefits in the brochure.

Duration of cover ranges from 6 months, 1 year to 3 years selection. You need to renew your annual insurance cover annually.

How much premium do I have to pay?

• Please refer to the premium table in the brochure.

• Premium is payable based on period of study.

• Payment can be made by credit card.


Choose Malaysia Student Assist arranged by Malaysia Medical Insurance Organisation (MMI).

Any Urgent Enquiry, Please send your Whatsapp Message to +6011-12239838 for Prompt Assistance (Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 6.00 pm).


Malaysia Student Overseas Study Travel Insurance Online Purchase

Hotline +6011-12239838

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MSIG Malaysia Travel Insurance Plan Online Purchase Arranged By ACPG Management Sdn Bhd


Travel Insurance Malaysia

Arranged by

ACPG Management Sdn Bhd

Malaysia Experience General Insurance Risk Management Solution Provider since year 1989.

ACPG Careline +603-92863323

MSIG Malaysia Travel Insurance

BASIC COVERAGES – Insured Person Age 18 – 69 years old

Highlight Summary Important Benefit Only (Refer Policy Wording)

S01) Personal Accident Benefits (AD & PTT)

Oversea Area 1 RM 250,000.00

Domestic RM 250,000.00

S02) Medical & Accidental Expenses (Accidental bodily injury and illness suffer)

RM 300,000.00

Emergency Medical Evacation and Bringing Back to Malaysia

RM 1,000,000.00

Repatriation of Mortal Remains (Including Burial and Cremation)

RM 1,000,000.00

S03) Luggage & Personal Effects (Maximum Limit any one item is RM 500)

Max Up to RM 5,000.00

S04) Luggage Delay (RM 200 for every 6 consecutive hours)

Max Up to RM 5,000.00

S05) Personal Money (Loss of Cash due to Robbery or Theft)

Max Up to RM 1,000.00

S06) Travel Documents (Loss of documents due to Robbery or Theft)

Max Up to RM 5,000.00

S07) Travel Cancellation (7 days waiting period) – (Insured, Family Members, Travelling Companion registered for the journey with you or your travel partner) –

Max up to RM 18,000.00

S08) Travel Curtailment (During Travelling)

Max up to RM 18,000.00

S09) Travel Delay (RM 200 for every 6 consecutive hours by Scheduled Carrier) –

Max up to RM 3,600.00

S10) Missed Travel Connection –

Max up to RM 600.00

S11) Travel Overbooked (RM 500 for every 6 consecutive hours) – Max up to RM 1,000.00

S12) Missed Departure (Scheduled Carrier only) –

Max Up to RM 1,000.00

S13) Travel Reroute (Compensation for more 6 than consecutive hours by Scheduled Carrier)

RM 250.00

S14) Loss of Travel Deposit (Result of insolvency of travel agent and 7 days waiting period)

Max Up to RM 7,500.00

S15) Additional Costs of Rental Car Return

RM 1,000.00

S16) Personal Liability (During Travelling)

RM 1,000,000.00

S17) Loss of use of Hotel Facilities (RM 200 per day) – Max Up to

RM 2,000.00

S18) Home Protection (Compensation for Loss to Home Contents During Travelling)

RM 500.00


ACPG Management Sdn Bhd

Malaysia Experience General Insurance Risk Management Solution Provider since year 1989.

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马来西亚旅游保险 你了解多少?分享来自 马来西亚医疗保险机构 (MMI)


对于旅游保险 你了解多少?


马来西亚医疗保险机构 (MMI)


Malaysia Medical Insurance Organization (MMI)

Your Trusted Malaysia Medical Insurance Risk Management Advisory Provider.

Malaysia Medical Insurance Organization (MMI)

Head Office,




MMI careline +603-92863323

对于旅游保险 你了解多少?






但是,关于旅游保险,你真的懂吗?还是从来没买过?MMI AC 指出,马来西亚人对于这个旅游保险的认知程度的确有待加强:“其实,不要说一般人,连我身边的朋友都很少会购买这类型保险,主要原因是他们认为已经购买了个人寿险和意外险,所以根本不需要再购买旅游保险,这是个很普遍的迷思。






















MMI AC 表示,大部分国家的旅游保障内容都一样,只是保费会根据旅游地点而有所差异。我国旅游保险通常会以旅游地点划分为本地、亚洲地区、世界性区域(例如:美国/加拿大)。本地与亚洲会比较便宜,主要的考量因素包括地理环境、气候/天灾、政治因素、恐怖袭击、战争以及其他可能性等。