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A member of ACP Group of companies (ACPG) – About Us

ACP Group (ACPG) is a locally owned company established in Year 1989. It was incorporated to trade in the business of insurance, such as: property, casualty, general, commercial, life and health. It started with four employees, including the husband and wife team of Anthony Chin and Anna Sim With the perseverance and hard work of the couple and their trusted and loyal employees, the company grew to a multi million-dollar operation within a short period.

Today, ACPG currently employs over 12 staff servicing thousands of customers in Kuala Lumpur. For the last 22 years, ACPG is a full-line agency, offering general, commercial, Business, life, non-life and health insurance products. It has become a one-stop-shop for corporate and individual clients’ insurance needs. It markets property and liability insurance, surety and bonding, fidelity and crime, Professional Liability Insurance, Condominium Insurance, Special Events, Contractors All Risks, marine, life and health insurance. The company is organized to maximize the potential of its employees and to continuously deliver professional service to its clientele. The company’s management philosophy is to provide the necessary training and development courses to its employees to ensure that they are abreast of developments in risk management, insurance coverage and claims procedures. The goals of the company are to: deliver value-added professional service to all its customers; create comprehensive and quality insurance products and services with competitive terms; uphold its reputation for integrity and innovation; enhance the professional and personal growth of its employees to empower them to do their personal best; and maintain a profitable business for the benefit of its insured’s, principals, employees and clients.
For ACPG Corporate Video posted on YouTube
at  for Malaysia Commercial Insurance (Business Insurance) and

at for Malaysia Individual Insurance (Personal Insurance).

ACPG Founder
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Anthony Chin (AC)
真理力量 SPOT 能赢成功学 创始者

Mr Anthony Chin (AC)

Anthony Chin (AC) 简介1 :

AC 现任优胜国际集团 ACP GROUP 首席执行员兼首席顾问.



AC 真理力量 SPOT 能赢成功学 创始者.

AC  拥有20年的销售和管理亲身实战经验,曾经到遇超过20个国家,进行实地考察.

在 AC 的销售和管理生涯中,曾多次荣获的国际公司的《最佳销售和管理》荣誉奖.

AC  曾主讲大,小型讲座会的次数,远远超过千场.

AC  精专于企业品牌定位,市场定位,管理系统定位,销售整合定位,培训定位.

AC  非常注重教育训练,并且亲身传授本身丰富的销售和管理实战经验,

AC ,他给于自己的使命就是去帮助无数的销售和管理人成功,过后亦让他们去帮助更多人成功,以便落实《真理价值转换站》理念。

AC 人生当中,最喜爱的座右铭就是

– 真理就是力量 Power of Truth, Truth is Power.



Anthony Chin (AC) 简介2 :

美国百万圆桌(MDRT, USA) 合格会员.

超过29年( 开始于1989 ) 的保险事业经验.

超过 20年的金融界管理及市场拓展经验.


拥有20年的组织管理包括训练,保健管理及顾 问服务.



ACPG Founder & CEO Profile

Mr Anthony Chin (AC)

*       More than 20 years of experience in Financial Management and Business Development.

*       20 years of experience in Asset Management Development.
*       20 years of experience in Operations Management and Business Training Consultancy.
*       Training & Consultancy in Financial and Asset Management Service.
*       Appointed as Marketing and Corporate Training Consultant by a multitude of financial groups.
*       Executive Chairman of ACP Group.
*       More than 1000 experience-sharing talks attended by sell-out audience.
*       Founder of “Power of Truth” Success Training Programme.
*       Founder and Principal Consultant of Malaysia Medical Insurance Organization (MMI).
*       Founder and Principal Consultant of Malaysia JMB Insurance Organization (JMBIM).
*       Appointed as Chief Advisor by SABA Association.



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