Renew Lonpac Car Insurance Cheras Area

Renew Your Lonpac Car Insurance

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ACPG Management SDN BHD

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Lonpac Private Car Secure –

Comprehensive motor insurance

Carefree rides start with an easy,

comprehensive motor policy.

About Lonpac Motor Insurance Policy

It’s not just about driving to places you want to be but also driving there in comfort and confidence. With Private Car Secure – Comprehensive, you’re providing your car and your journeys with the protection it needs; giving you peace of mind on the road.

Key Benefits

Accidental Collision and Overturning

Impact Damage Caused by Falling Objects

(Provided no convulsion of nature is involved)

Fire, Explosion or Lightning

Burglary, Housebreaking or Theft

Malicious Act Damage

Liabilities to Third Parties

• For Bodily Injury or Death

• For Property Loss or Damage

All Drivers

(You do not need to provide us the names of your authorised drivers)

Impact Damage Cover Caused by Falling Objects Due to Convulsion of Nature

(Limited to 25% of sum insured)

Transportation Allowance

Document Replacement Allowance

24/7 Emergency Road Assistance (E-Assist)

6 months Repair Warranty At Our Panel Workshop

Additional coverage

with extra premium:

e-Hailing Extension NEW�(For driver of Grab, Mycar etc)

Special Perils Extension�(Flood, storm, earthquake, landslide and other convulsion of nature)

Breakage of Windscreen, Window or Sunroof Extension�(Without affecting No-Claim Discount)

Vehicle Accessories Extension

Legal Liability of Passengers Extension (LLP)

Legal Liability of Passengers Act of Negligent Extension (LLAN)

No-Claim-Discount Relief Protection Extension

Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion Extension

Smart Driver Personal Accident Extension (SDPA)

Get Insured With Lonpac Insurance Agency

Walk in Lonpac Agency office Renew Lonpac Car insurance

ACPG Management Sdn Bhd

158-3-7 Kompleks Maluri

Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri,

55100 Kuala Lumpur.


WhatsApp Team +6011-12239838

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