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What Is A Windscreen Claim?

A claim made for damages to your vehicle’s windscreen under events covered by your Insurer.

There are two types of Windscreen Claims:

1. Replacement: Complete replacement of windscreen. Only ONE windscreen claim may be made throughout the period of your policy unless you reinstate the windscreen cover with an additional premium.

2. Repair: A claim for repairs of windscreen. The claimed amount will be deducted from the Sum Insured for the windscreen. You can reinstate the amount by paying an additional premium or maintain the balance after the claim

You can claim for repair or replacement without affecting your NCD

Who Can Make A Windscreen Claim?

Only valid for comprehensive motor insurance policyholders with a windscreen cover extension.

After your car windscreen is broken and if you did insure your car  for windscreen cover during your motor insurance policy renewal, you can send your car for repair and to replace the broken glass windscreen or windows  at the panel workshops for windscreen repairs appointed by your insurance company.

Your panel workshop repairer will help you with the filing of claim documents and get you to submit some written personal data with a copy of your insurance policy, identification car, driving license and the car ownership registration card and the cause for the broken windscreen and accompanying police report if it is required.

After your signing of the claim form, they will submit on-line or via fax to obtain the approval from your insurance company’s claim department.  Once approved, they will start the repair job on your car happily knowing that your insurance company  will reimburse them the cost of the windscreen and labor charge and a margin of profit.

Of course, your insurance company will inform them and you of the maximum limit of coverage you are entitled to claim. If the cost of repair and replacement is more than the limit of your sum insured, they will be asked to collect cash payment from you to pay the difference in amount of the additional cost of repair billed by the panel workshop.

This instance of having to top-up the cost of repair can be avoided if you have adequately insured your windscreen value by checking with your insurance agent or with the car franchise for your car model by providing them with your car chassis number and year manufactured at the inception of your renewal policy.

However, this may not be sufficient again if there are upwards fluctuation of the windscreen cost midway within the period of insurance and you are likely to encounter another shortfall or under insured when the claim is filed in.

Now, after making a windscreen damage claim against your insurance company, your insurance company will issue immediately an endorsement to delete off the limit of windscreen coverage from your car insurance policy to reflect that you have used that section of windscreen insurance benefits.

If your car insurance policy is valid and not yet due for renewal when you experienced the car windscreen breakage in the middle of the annual insurance policy term, you still need to protect your car windscreen and glass windows from another incident of accidental breakage for the remaining period of your running policy.

Therefore, Â our advice to you, the insured can instruct your car insurance agent to arrange with your insurance company to reinstate the optional cover for the same limit of windscreen insurance coverage for your car.

Supposing you did insured for sum of  RM1,000 for the cost of windscreen damage replacement, your insurance premium calculator will calculate RM1,000 multiply by 15% equals RM150.  Remember the insurance premium calculator formula given to you in my other post?

You need to pay this  premium of RM150 to your insurance company and they will issue an endorsement to invoke the reinstatement clause on your car insurance policy in Malaysia.  Your reinstatement is done and you are covered for windscreen damage again till end of your insurance remaining period.

However, under the Malaysian Tariff guidelines, you are not allowed to reinstate more than the limit at first inception of renewal policy before the claim. Â Another point to note is the internal rule that you cannot go to another insurance company or another insurance agent of the same insurance company to reinstate the windscreen insurance cover.

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