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Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
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Find out more information about Malaysia Comprehensive General Liability Insurance , please contact our ACPG Careline +603-92863323 or
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Comprehensive General Liability insurance
Comprehensive General Liability insurance (CGL) is commonly acquired by contractors who undertake contract of works or service in industries like oil and gas, telecommunication, power plants, engineering, IT etc. as part of the contract requirements.
A contractor must produce a CGL policy to the principal before the commencement of works.
The CGL insurance indemnifies you against your legal liability for property damages or bodily injuries to a third (3rd) party caused by an accident while carrying out the works.
In addition, the policy will indemnify you to a defined limit for defence costs and expenses incurred in respect of a claim.
Malaysia Experience Risk Management Insurance Solution Service Provider since Year 1989.
ACPG Management Sdn Bhd
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ACPG Careline +603-92863323


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