E-Hailing Drivers Motor Insurance Policy For Uber Drivers and Grab Car Drivers underwritten by MSIG Malaysia.

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Dear Valued Malaysia E-Hailing Driver

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E-Hailing Drivers Motor Insurance Malaysia

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MSIG E-Hailing Drivers

Motor Insurance

Underwritten By MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad

MSIG is pleased to offer a new Motor Add-On:

E-Hail E-Zee that provides coverage for authorised E-Hailing Drivers when they are providing e-hailing services.

The current comprehensive motor policy does not cover loss or damage to the insured vehicle when it is used to carry fare-paying passengers.

This is an exclusion that is clearly stated in Section B.1b(i) of the Private Car Policy wording.

With E-Hail E-Zee, drivers who have signed up with e-hailing operators such as Grab or Uber can have peace of mind that they, their passengers, third parties, and the insured vehicle are covered during e-hailing mode.

MSIG E-Hail E-Zee insurance for Uber, Grab drivers

Insurance service provider MSIG Malaysia has introduced E-Hail E-Zee, a motor insurance add-on catered specifically for drivers of ride-hailing services like Uber and Grab. The new offering provides additional coverage on top of those already given for comprehensive motor insurance.

The approved add-on has been created by consulting various parties such as Bank Negara Malaysia and the General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM), and is said to be compliant with incoming regulations requiring drivers to purchase insurance for passengers as well.

Coverage provided by E-Hail E-Zee includes legal liability to and of the passenger, the latter compensating for the passenger’s negligent acts beyond what is reasonable for the driver to control.

This includes, for example, the passenger opening the car door without checking, resulting in an accident, damage or injuries to other vehicles or pedestrians.

As such, the full coverage provided to authorised ride-hailing drivers includes:

Loss or damage to the vehicle due to accident

Loss or damage to the vehicle due to fire or theft

Loss or damage to third-party’s vehicle or property

Death or injury to third-party involved in an accident

Legal liability to passengers and legal liability of passengers

Accidental death or permanent disablement to the driver

According to MSIG, because E-Hail E-Zee coverage is risk-based, pricing will depend on several factors, including the sum insured for the vehicle as well as the policyholder’s details.

However, it is said to be relatively affordable, with an additional premium of between RM0.30 and RM0.70 a day for a standard vehicle under 1.5 litres with a full 55% no-claims discount (NCD).

E-Hail E-Zee joins a number of new motor insurance add-ons introduced by MSIG since the liberalisation of the motor insurance market earlier this year, including Waiver of Betterment Cost, Limited Special Perils, Smart Key Shield and Driver’s Personal Accident Insurance.

Please feel free contact ACPG 03-92863323 or WhatsApp to 011-12239838

should you have any further queries.

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